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ETA Program


ETA Affinity Program (Payments Industry)


Frates Insurance & Risk Management has recently partnered with the ETA (Electronics Transactions Association) to provide all their members’ insurance needs. 

The ETA Affinity Program includes specialty insurance unique to the payments industry such as:

Uncollectable Chargeback Insurance

Uncollectible Chargeback Insurance protects ISOs and acquiring banks from the liability they face resulting from their merchant's inability to pay their chargebacks.

PCI & Merchant Data Breach Insurance

PCI Insurance, also referred to as Merchant Data Breach Insurance allows ISOs, processors, and acquirers to indemnify their merchants against costs incurred as a result of a data breach.

Web Merchant Guard

Our Web Merchant Guard policy pays losses that online merchants experience from fraudulent transactions. The policy can also be used by a gateway to indemnify their merchants as an additional revenue stream. 

Frates has established a co-branded website representing the entire offering which can be found at:

For more information contact: