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Bank Card Program

Bank Card

Bankcard Protector Program

Ensuring the security of information is an even higher concern than ever before. Frates Insurance & Risk Management has a dedicated program to protect your bankcards against fraud. See below some of the program highlights:


  • Per Card Limit $40,000.
  • Per Card Deductible $1,500.
  • Per Occurrence Maximum Deductible $10,000.
  • Broad definition of Damages- Includes unauthorized use of a debit card number without authority of cardholder.
  • Coverage includes use of a debit card in an Internet transaction.
  • 60-day notice of discovery of loss.
  • Covers loss caused by a Data Breach.
  • Worldwide coverage (fraud can occur anywhere).
  • Covers loss when card number is used because of Identity Theft.
  • Broad definition of Bank Card- any plastic card issued not restricted to debit card only.
  • Covers loss from skimming. 

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